The undergraduate program offers a Bachelor of Theology degree. This degree program allows a student to select an area of concentration such as biblical, theological, or ministerial studies.


Students who plan to graduate from Grace Mission University must fulfill the following graduation requirements for the undergraduate program:

” Satisfactorily completion of 128 semester units,
” Completion of all courses prescribed in the Bachelor of Theology curriculum,
” Pass the comprehensive examination,
” Maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0, and
” At least 64 units must be earned at GMU by transferred students.

Students planning to graduate must notify the registrar no later than the beginning of the spring semester of the year in which they plan to graduate.

All candidates for graduation must be approved by the faculty and the Board of Trustees. To receive this endorsement, students must have acted responsibly in manifesting Christian character and adhering to the standards of the school. In addition, students must clear their financial accounts of any remaining balances before graduation.


The Bachelor of Theology degree is a four year degree program providing students with vocational training for ministry on a college level. The degree offers a solid grounding in Bible, doctrine, and the practices of ministry within a strong Evangelical Reform environment. With a broad educational component, the curriculum enables students to develop a biblical worldview and a biblical mindset for life. Theology degree program allows the student to focus upon an area of emphasis. The theology major with specialized emphases provides the student with the foundational training necessary for vocational ministry or for entrance into a professional graduate program.

Degree Goals

The Bachelor degree program seeks to:
” Provide a foundation for entrance into Christian Ministry;
” Affirm the call to Christian vocational ministry;
” Provide direction for personal spiritual growth and development;
” Assist in developing a Christian worldview and lifestyle;
” Provide a solid biblical and theological foundation for ministry;
” Provide the basic knowledge and skills for ministry;
” Encourage students to participate actively in the life and ministry of the Church; and
” Build study and communion skills for academic and ministry success.

Degree Learning Outcomes Upon completion of the Bachelor degree, students will be able to:
” Demonstrate a solid knowledge of Scripture with proper hermeneutical skills;
” Demonstrate an understanding of the doctrines of the Church and Reform distinctives;
” Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of the history, traditions, and practices of the Church;
” Communicate the Scripture with clarity and conviction;
” Evidence an understanding and philosophy of ministry;
” Demonstrate the knowledge and competency to do the basic tasks of ministry;
” Demonstrate the integration of biblical and theological knowledge with the practices of ministry;
” Evidence the personal and professional characteristics needed for successful ministry;
” Articulate a Christian worldview and lifestyle;
” Evidence the ability to share the Gospel with others; and
” Demonstrate commitment to world evangelism.